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If your car is dusty enough to send messages to fellow motorists, it's time to visit us.

About Us| Five Stars Auto Detailing And Hand Car Wash - Iowa City, IA

We believe that the best kind of car is a clean car, able to turn heads and inspire double-takes as it travels down the highway during a daily commute, a summer vacation, or something else. Our commitment to the finer details of cleaning inspired us to open our doors to consumers and offer them a great detailing option that was unlike anything else in the greater Iowa City area of the state. To that end, our business focuses on the interior and exterior cleaning of virtually any car, truck, or SUV currently on the road.

Keeping Cars Clean and Protected from Harm

One of the things that we understand, which many of competitors might not, is that keeping a car clean is the best way to ensure that it retains its value and that its build materials don't suffer from constant dirt and debris. The kind of dirt and dust that can settle onto cars often reduces the shine and longevity of the car's paint and clear coat. Debris can further enhance this damage. At Five Stars, we make sure that every car we handle is expertly washed by hand and then waxed so that it shines like new. As a bonus, waxing cars in this method helps them further protect their exterior materials and keep the paint job intact.

The Interior Needs Plenty of Attention As Well

All too often, car detailers’ focus exclusively on the outside of a car. After all, it is the outside of the car that most often comes into contact with dirt and debris. That really misses the point, though. Detailing a car means ensuring that every material, every surface, is expertly cleaned and restored to like-new conditions. Our professional team of detailers goes beyond a mere hand washing and waxing of the car. We focus on the interior, too, with dashboard cleaning and carpet shampooing services that will make driving the car more enjoyable, less dirty, and a better ride for people in every seat.


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