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If your car is dusty enough to send messages to fellow motorists, it's time to visit us.

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There's something a bit luxurious about having a team of skilled detailers clean a car instead of doing it yourself, but many people in Iowa City tend to believe that this service is simply too costly to fit within their budgets. That's actually not the case, especially at Five Stars. Since we first began serving local customers, we've been committed to a great value and numerous ways to save on our essential interior and exterior detailing services for today's automobiles.

First-Time Customers and Referrals Get Great Savings

One of the ways that we add value to our services is by offering our first-time customers the ability to save 10 percent on any services that they ask us to perform. Whether it's just a cleaning of the outside, a waxing job, or an interior shampooing, our customers will be able to save a significant amount of money simply by trying us out for the first time.

What's better, customers who refer their friends to our location will be able to save 10 percent on their next visit. That gives customer a great way to experience ongoing savings while introducing their friends to the convenience of auto detailing.

Quick Service and Great Results

Our detailing work will allow cars to sparkle like the day they were first driven off the dealer's lot, and we'll get our job done in no time. For the best commitment to affordable pricing, quick work, and excellent results, looks no further than Iowa City's Five Stars auto detailing destination.

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