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If your car is dusty enough to send messages to fellow motorists, it's time to visit us.

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The interior of a car may not get as dirty as the exterior, but it still suffers from dirt, debris, and even rainwater. That can make carpets pretty grimy after a few years on the road, and cars usually require a good carpet shampoo job in order to maintain a great driving experience. That's why Five Stars offers customers the ability to order carpet shampooing with every job performed at our facility.

Interior Work Makes a Car Enjoyable to Drive

A clean interior is the key to enjoying any drive, whether it's to the office or a relaxing vacation elsewhere in Iowa. Our professional cleaning service will leave carpets clean, stain-free, and smelling great. When paired with our other detailing services, it's a great way to make a car's interior like new.

Perhaps best of all, our unique shampooing and interior cleaning routines will help to prolong the life of car upholstery. Cars will maintain their value longer while maintaining a more comfortable ride for the long haul. For many drivers, that's the chief advantage of our interior detailing service.

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